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Getting Started

Just been added to a ChurchInsight site? We have created the videos, and documentation below to help you get to know the system.

If you have any questions, please email support@churchinsight.com


To make things easy for you, we have created short videos for you to view and put them in an order that will help you to use ChurchInsight.


1) Login to your trial and changing your password

The first thing you will need to do is login to your site and change your password.



2) Web Office Overview

The Web Office is where you work to manage your website and work with the Church Management features. Here is a video that explains what’s on the page to help you get acquainted with the system.



3) Changing the Group Structure and adding a new page

Although we give you a sensible starting point for the structure and content of your website, you will want to go in an make this more unique to your church.



4) Editing a Web Page and adding links

One of the first things you will want to do on your trial site is make the content on your website specific to your church. Take a look at this video for an introduction to the Editor.



5) Editing a Web Page and adding an image

Images make your site come alive! In this video we talk you through how to add an image to your site for the first time, and make it responsive, so it looks good on phones and tablets.



6) Managing Slideshow Images

This video will help you to manage the images in your slideshow so you can personalise the site. The top (Hero) slideshow image size should be 1600 x 640px and the What's On slideshow should be 1140 x 420px.



7) Updating the Homepage Background Image

You can easily update the fixed background image on your trial site by following this video. We recommend you use an image atleast 1600px wide and 800 - 1200px high. Depending on the image you upload the text may be more or less visible to do get in touch with us to help if you need it!



8) Updating your church calendar

Let's start looking at the church admin features! First up in the church calendar. You will no doubt want to get your events in the calendar to make the site more personal to your church.



9) Adding Members to your site

Here is a quick help video to get you started adding someone to your site to help you work on the trial site. Make sure you send them a link to this page (www.churchinsight.com/gettingstarted) so they can get trained up!.



10) Giving People Permissions

Here is how you give people access to the management system so they can login and use the features of ChurchInsight to manage the website.